Dose-limiting toxicity liabilities caused by on-target off-tumor binding limit the efficacy of immune agonists. Mabimmune’s Reverse Translational Medicine (RTM™) human monoclonal antibodies are selected for conditional target binding in the tumor microenvironment, but not in other tissues. Generated in humans and cloned directly from human genes, RTM™ antibodies have fully human germline sequences and lower toxicity, off-tumor sinking, and immunogenicity risks compared to other antibody classes.



We are a dedicated team of scientists from the fields of medicine, antibody discovery, immuno-oncology, biology, and drug development.

  • Headshot of Chad Brokopp, PhD

    Chad Brokopp, PhD

    Founding CEO, CSO, and Director

    Chad has 10 years of experience in the field of Fibroblast Activation Protein targeted therapeutics. The Mabimmune platform technology emerged from his doctoral thesis at the University of Zurich. He has 6 years of bio-entrepreneurial experience and has raised more than 6 MCHF in capital for Mabimmune to date.

  • Headshot of Dirk Schimkat, lic.rer.pol

    Dirk Schimkat, lic.rer.pol

    Interim CFO

    Dirk is an economist has over 16 years of experience in the consumer goods industry, telecommunications and healthcare. As the CFO of Neurimmune AG, Dirk has been instrumental in organizing several major biotechnology transactions and collaborations.

  • Headshot of Simon P. Hoerstrup, MD, PhD

    Simon P. Hoerstrup, MD, PhD

    Founding Chairman

    Simon is a full professor and Chairman of the Board at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine and the Founding Co-Director of Wyss Zurich at the University of Zurich. With a 20+ year track record in translational medicine and bio-entrepreneurship, Simon is the founder of several successful international medical and biotech corporations.

  • Headshot of Jan Grimm, PhD

    Jan Grimm, PhD

    Founding Director

    Jan is a scientist and bioentrepreneur with 15 years of experience in US and European biotech focusing on the development of antibody-based therapeutics. Dr. Grimm is the Managing Director & CSO of Neurimmune AG which he co-founded in 2006. Before joining Neurimmune, he led the Alzheimer’s disease research efforts at Rinat Neuroscience in San Francisco that was acquired by Pfizer. During his tenure at Neurimmune and Rinat, multiple antibody drug candidates advanced from discovery to clinical development.

  • Headshot of Roger M. Nitsch, MD

    Roger M. Nitsch, MD

    Founding Director

    Roger is a full professor at the University of Zurich and co-inventor of the RTM™ antibody platform that Mabimmune uses for antibody discovery. As the Founding President of the Board and CEO of Neurimmune AG, he has a world-class record of accomplishment negotiating and executing partnering transactions with large biopharmaceutical companies which have resulted in successful clinical development and extraordinary value generation.

  • Headshot of Michael Salzmann, PhD

    Michael Salzmann, PhD


    Michael has held several positions as senior executive in the private and public sector in the US and Europe. Michael has over 15 years’ experience leading successful business development, contract negotiations, and operations in Pharma, Medtech and Biotech inter alia at Bruker and Roche. Michael is COO at Neurimmune, and CEO at ALS Pharma.

  • Headshot of Manuel Gersbacher, PhD

    Manuel Gersbacher, PhD

    Scientific Group Leader

    Manuel leads the scientific development of Mabimmune’s therapeutic programs conducted via a research collaboration with the University of Zurich. Manuel has over 8 years’ experience in scientific project management, biological engineering, and biochemistry.

  • Headshot of Divya Vats, PhD

    Divya Vats, PhD


    Divya leads the in vivo studies of Mabimmune’s therapeutic programs at the University of Zurich. She has over 10 years’ experience and a proven track-record in the field of in vivo molecular imaging and efficacy studies in pre-clinical oncology models.

  • Headshot of Benoit Combaluzier, PhD

    Benoit Combaluzier, PhD

    Head of Antibody Discovery

    Benoit has over 10 years’ experience in human antibody discovery and pre-clinical development. He leads the antibody discovery, biochemical characterization, and candidate selection of Mabimmune’s RTM™ antibodies at Neurimmune AG.

  • Headshot of Stefan Kahn, MSc

    Stefan Kahn, MSc

    Research Associate

    Stefan handles the technical development of Mabimmune’s therapeutic programs at the University of Zurich. Stefan has 3 years’ industry experience developing immune-modulating biologics.

  • Headshot of Mareike Goeranson, MSc

    Mareike Goeranson, MSc

    PhD Student

    Mareike has over 8 years’ experience elucidating the biochemical binding mechanisms of antibodies to their targets. In collaboration with the University of Zurich, Mareike is working to understand the unique biochemical mechanisms responsible for the conditional binding properties of Mabimmune’s RTM™ antibodies in the tumor microenvironment.


Michael A. Curran, PhD

Michael is the Scientific Director of Oncology Research for Biologics and Immunotherapy Translation (ORBIT) platform and Associate Professor in the Department of Immunology at MD Anderson Cancer Center. He holds a PhD from Stanford and completed a post-doc with James Allison at UC Berkeley and Memorial Sloan-Kettering, where he characterized novel costimulatory molecule agonists and immunotherapy combinations, including the first checkpoint inhibitor combination approved by the FDA.

Christoph Renner, MD

Christoph a partner at the Hirslanden Oncology Center in Zurich, Switzerland, and a Professor of Oncology at the University of Basel, Switzerland. With 50+ publications in the field and 20+ years of experience investigating FAP as a cancer target, he is a renowned expert in the field of FAP-targeted therapeutics with a proven track record of developing novel FAP targeted antibody based therapeutics from discovery through the pre-clinical proof of concept stages of development.

Stefan Blarer, PhD

As a member of R&D leadership teams and the Corporate Research Advisory Board at Novartis, Stefan has over 25 years experience managing life science R&D departments and business development. He is also an accredited InnoSuisse and EU EASME startup coach, who has advised over ten early stage life science start-up companies in successful product, business, and intellectual property development, resulting in sustainable revenue generation.

Despina Siolas, MD PhD

Despina is an Attending Physician and Instructor of Medical Oncology at the Perlmutter Cancer Center, New York University. She has a proven track-record of conducting clinical trials of experimental therapeutics in patients with gastrointestinal tumors, investigating novel combination immunotherapy and chemotherapy regimens, and developing pre-clinical cancer models that mimic human disease.

David Tuveson, MD PhD

David is a Professor of Cancer Research and Director of the NCI-designated Cancer Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. He is also a director of the American Association for Cancer Research. With 100+ scientific publications in the field, he has invented pre-clinical models that mimic human tumorigenesis, discovered roles of the tumor microenvironment in drug resistance, and identified novel modes of action for solid tumor therapeutics.



Mabimmune’s pipeline consists of novel solid tumor therapeutics that combine Mabimmune’s tumor selective RTM™ antibodies with immune agonists.

Candidate Target Format Hit selection Lead selection IND-enabling Phase I
MI201 FAP / CD3 T-cell redirecting bispecific
MI301 FAP / n.d. Immuno-activating bispecific
MI401 FAP / n.d. Immuno-activating bispecific



Neurimmune AG

Neurimmune provides Mabimmune with worldwide exclusive rights to their proprietary RTM™ human monoclonal antibody platform to discover candidates against selected targets. Neurimmune also provides pre-defined services to Mabimmune to support further product development. Neurimmune is a Mabimmune shareholder.

University of Zurich

Mabimmune has an intellectual property and collaborative research agreement with the University of Zurich, under which Mabimmune receives exclusive worldwide licenses to select patent families owned by University of Zurich. Mabimmune also subcontracts selected research and development activities to the University of Zurich. The University of Zurich is a Mabimmune shareholder.

Genmab A/S

Mabimmune and Genmab A/S are engaged in a research evaluation collaboration that involves the use of Genmab’s DuoBody® technology and Mabimmune's RTM™ antibodies to generate novel bispecific antibody therapeutics.

Partnering with Mabimmune

Mabimmune is currently interested in strategic industry partnerships in the field of novel immune agonists for the treatment of solid tumors. For partnering inquiries, please email:



  • 11 / 2017

    Mabimmune and Genmab initiate a strategic partnership

    Mabimmune and Genmab A/S have initiated a research evaluation collaboration involving the use of Genmab’s DuoBody® technology and Mabimmune’s RTM™ antibody technology to explore novel bispecific antibody therapeutic approaches.

  • 10 / 2017

    Mabimmune is awarded a 690 TCHF subsidy from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation

    The Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) has granted a Mabimmune a subsidy to research and develop novel T-cell redirecting therapeutics for the treatment of solid tumors in collaboration with the Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IREM) at the University of Zurich. IREM will receive a 690 TCHF federal research subsidy in addition to cash and materials from Mabimmune to conduct research and development work. In exchange, Mabimmune will receive worldwide exclusive rights to the resulting intellectual property.

  • 06 / 2016

    Mabimmune is awarded the CTI certification label

    After a rigorous coaching process and evaluation of Mabimmune’s assets and development plans, seasoned pharmaceutical and business development experts at the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation have reached the conclusion that Mabimmune is ready for sustainable business development, and have thereby awarded Mabimmune with the prestigious CTI certification label. The CTI certification label is awarded to less than 10% applicants, and over 85% of companies that receive the label are still in business after 5 years.

  • 06 / 2016

    Mabimmune closes a 2.4 MCHF Series A capital increase

    Mabimmune has closed a 2.4 MCHF Series A capital increase among its current shareholders for further developing Mabimmune’s platform technology and lead immunotherapy program through the pre-clinical stages of development.

  • 05 / 2015

    The Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation grants Mabimmune a 670 TCHF subsidy

    The Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) has granted a Mabimmune a subsidy to research and develop a novel antibody based therapy to treat pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. The Department of Surgical Research at the University Hospital Zurich, and the Bioanalytics group at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (FHNW) will receive a 600 TCHF federal research subsidy in addition to cash and materials from Mabimmune to conduct research and development work. In exchange, Mabimmune receives worldwide exclusive rights to the resulting intellectual property.

  • 02 / 2015

    Mabimmune is awarded 250 TCHF from Eurostars

    In collaboration with the Tumor Center Hirslanden in Zurich Switzerland and the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Immunology at Oslo University Hospital, Mabimmune has received a 250 TCHF research subsidy from the Eurostars program. The project aims to develop Mabimmune's novel tumor targeting antibodies as experimental multiple myeloma therapeutics.

  • 07 / 2013

    Mabimmune and Neurimmune initiate a strategic partnership to discover novel tumor targeting antibodies

    Mabimmune has entered into a collaborative research agreement with Neurimmune AG to discover novel human monoclonal antibodies against selected drug targets using Neurimmune’s Reverse Translational Medicine (RTM™) antibody discovery platform. Mabimmune receives exclusive worldwide rights to all discovered antibodies in exchange for upfront, milestone, and royalty payments to Neurimmune.

  • 04 / 2013

    Mabimmune wins 130 TCHF in seed funding from Venture Kick

    Venture Kick awarded Mabimmune 130,000 CHF in start-up capital from the Venture Kick jury of seasoned industry professionals. Less than 6% of Venture Kick applicants win this award, and 89% of the winners are still in business after 5 years.





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